//xStation Install Completed!

xStation Install Completed!

Today, I finally completed my install of the xStation. It took a while as my first attempt on my 55xx series failed for some unknown reason. Not sure why it failed, as I tried many many times to make it work for me with no luck.

In any case, thankfully, the xStation ships with 2 QSBs, so if you fail on a 55xx console, you still have another shot at a 100x model. The SCPH-1001 install is significantly easier in my opinion, and most of the points that go to the QSB are already tinned. There are also less pins to lift on the DSP chip, though there are some resistors and a filter you have to remove. But in any case, still significantly easier.

What makes the 55xx series a lot harder is the QSB also works against you in that many of the holes that you need to solder to are in the middle of the board as opposed to the edges. So, you must either somehow pre-tin the points, or have a small enough soldering iron to fit through the hole and onto the point. It’s not easy, and a common issue with the 55xx series is having the QSB make good contact with the board. The 100x is a breeze, as all the points except 1 of them are on the edges of the QSB making it easier to align and solder to the points.

Overall, the xStation works very well, and I also had originally ordered a CD drive printed SD extension from Laser Bear. Though, I had to dremel it a little as I originally planned on getting it for my 55xx model. I wish the menus of the xStation were better styled like the Terraonion products, but oh well.