//X-Men 2/4p Sound Board 054544 Repair

X-Men 2/4p Sound Board 054544 Repair

I recently saw a good deal on eBay to get a Konami X-Men for pretty cheap. Normally it is about a 4-500 dollar board, but I got it for around 250 or so.

The board works fine, and plays fine, but there was a problem in the sound section of the board. The 054544 custom sound chip. A common problem is that the caps tend to burst and leak black fluid all over. In some cases the acidic fluid gets so bad that it eats away the paint and traces underneath where the caps are mounted.

In my case, I just figured that since the paint was fairly intact, none of the traces were eaten away, and so I just proceeded to use my heat gun to remove the busted capacitors and added fresh new 50v ones for the appropriate values 4.7, 10 and 47 respectively.

Everything works fine, and sound is now restored on the board!!